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Has "healthy" come to mean boring does delicious food translate to hours in the kitchen? Say goodbye to both!

Team Fit in the Kitchen will spice up your plate and help you put exciting delicious food on the table in 30 minutes or less! The 30 recipes found in the Team Fit Cookbook work with all  Team Fit Plans and Kut4Men. But they also work as a tool to jump-start your nutrition and healthier  lifestyle. These 30 ( plus one bonus,)  healthful recipes are the result of the collaboration with our staff nutritionist and offer sound nutrition without counting calories, macros or points!

Highlights of the TEAM FIT IN THE KITCHEN:

  • 30 Delicious Recipes
  • How to Prepare for success in meal planning and nutrition
  • The TEAM FIT philosophy on nutrition
  • Creating the Perfect Pantry
  • Grocery shopping tools for health
  • Bonus meal planning and grocery shopping templates

* Please note that Team Fit In the Kitchen is a cookbook product and unlike our comprehensive plans does not provide access to the Team Fit Community Page or a Dedicated Coach.

About the Author: April Dearden — Nutritionist

April’s number one role in life is as a mom.  Her son, Tyler, is her pride and joy. With a busy lifestyle of a full-time job and travel baseball (plus all the other responsibilities that come along with being an adult) April needed to learn how to create healthy habits for on-the-go living.  Living a healthy lifestyle was not just something that she wanted to do but needed to.  Diabetes runs in her family.  She watched her dad have 3 heart attacks (he survived them all, thank goodness) and take piles of medications to control his diabetes.  April didn’t want that for herself and certainly didn’t want that for her son.  So she decided to get a certification in nutrition to bring her education to the next level. Now she’s able to share her knowledge with others who want to create healthy lifestyles.  Teach them the “why” behind the choices they make.  Support and motivate while healthy habits are being created.  

Before she became an Independent Ambassador Coach with Team Fit she went through it herself.  On her first Phase I plan April lost 17 lbs and 5 inches in 10 weeks! 

April's Credentials
  • Certification in Nutrition
  • Certification in Corporate Wellness
  • Certification in boot camp/group classes
  • Author of 8 Weeks to Your New Normal Lifestyle

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